Trade Consultants are the one who are dedicated to assisting you in putting together a complete compliance program. They identify gaps; assist in closing those gaps and train employees in all area of compliance. We provide you expert opinions, analysis and recommendations so that your business flourishes in all aspects. Our service includes providing strategies to prevent problems and improve performance.
We provide you the following basic services:
• Help you navigate the complex world of trade compliance regulations
• We use statistics, forecasting and projecting based on analysis of real data
• Moreover, we also navigate policy and laws while processing necessary government forms
• Help business operate seamlessly by ensuring that everything is in place before any products go into the box
However, we do not typically help with arranging the actual export of your goods. This is supposed to be the role of freight forwarder. It is distinctly different from what an international trade consultant does. Besides, a trade consultant and freight forwarder work together to prevent costly mistakes and ensure that the products are rightly placed.

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