Sea Cargo handling refers to transporting a large number of goods using carrier ships. Your goods are packed into a container and then loaded onto a vessel. We assure you to carry about 18,000 containers. On the basis of the capacity of the ship, there might be an additional carriage facility. Therefore, we say that sea cargo is a cost-efficient way to transport high quantities of goods over a long-distance. You may choose sea cargo if you have to carry a large number of goods over a large distance.
There is a number of ways in which sea freight can be transported:
• FCL (Full Container Load): You purchase one or more full containers to send on a ship
• LCL (Less than Container Load): Your products share a container as you may not have a full container’s worth. Container’s contents are divided once more as they reach their destination
• RORO (Roll on roll off): Your products do not leave the vehicle they are in to go onto the cargo ship. The vehicle basically drives onto the ship and then drives off the new end.
• Dry bulk shipping: It is used for some specific items which are deposited into the hold of the ship instead of traveling in a container.

Sea Cargo handling is economically and environmentally superior to other forms of product delivery service. It is suitable only to transport large quantities of goods far away. Moreover, it is the most carbon-efficient solution which is inexpensive and easy to plan heavy products with ease.

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