Express Delivery is considered as the fastest form of shipping where customer pays an extra shipping cost for such type of delivery. This type of shipment will get transported to anywhere between 24 to 72 hours. There is the different mechanism on which the express delivery will work. The parcel will leave the warehouse or pick-up site as soon as possible and will be on its route through the fastest courier route. Express post comes with a guarantee deliver by date. It includes an extra shipping cost to get it delivered fast. The release time varies between 24 and 72 hours.
Express delivery is necessary for following clients:
• Those who are travelling and sending their luggage at their destination
• Executives who have urgency to send important documents
• Businesses who require fast delivery of goods and services
• Anyone who are in need to receive their parcel urgently
Besides, express delivery requires more cost in comparison to classic delivery. It is not suitable for those who cannot bear high cost and have no need to receive their parcel right away. However, these days most of the businesses and individuals are in need to finish their task quickly that eventually saves their time. This is the reason why the scope of express delivery has increased recently.

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