Customs play a vital role, especially in the import-export business that we are handling. The goods have to undergo through a customs clearance so that it is finally released. Customs clearance helps the business to represent a company before the customs examination and assess the document. Similarly, it helps in the payment of duties and to release the cargo from customs after the clearance of documentations.
You may need the following documents for the customs clearance process:
• A purchase order from the buyer
• Bill Of Entry
• Assessment
• Signed invoice
• Packing list
• Bill of lading or delivery order
• Importer’s/CHA’s declaration
• Import license
• Insurance documents
• Letter of Credit (LC) or a Bank draft
• Certificate of origin

Following are the requirements for the process of Export:
• Registration
• Purchase order from the buyer
• Sales invoice
• Processing of shipping bill, both EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and Non-EDI
• Export of Goods under Drawback scheme
• Status of shipping bills
• Customs examination of export cargo
Besides, the above-mentioned process needs a well-defined forwarder. The person must easily handle the release of shipments without any fail. There might be a delay in shipment due to the wrong customs broker. However, we assure you to provide the best customs broker who is experienced and responsible.

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