Every good purchased by a business or customer needs collection and packing. Packing plays a significant role in warehousing. It primarily protects the item that is being handled by the warehouse or shipped to the customer. Packing can also convince customers to buy a particular product from your business. Packing must be strong enough so that the product remains safe and is safely transported to the customer. The importance of packing in warehousing includes:
• Protection/Minimizing damage: The primary purpose of packing is to limit the possible change to damage. There is a variety of scenarios within the warehouse in which damage could occur. They include: dropping materials, products falling from conveyor belts, or products falling from broken pallets. On the other hand, good packing protects products from environmental dangers or water damage. However, heavy packing could increase shipping costs. This may deter customers from finalizing their purchases.
• Reduces Risk of Dealing with Labor and Inventory: The right packaging reduces the risk of expensive labor as well as inventory. Right packaging could be easily moved and is easy to construct, load, and offload. It also provides effective flexibility that provides employees valuable advantages.
• Manages Space in Warehouse: Right packing makes the goods easy to store and stock. It is simple to process through checkout counters; Similarly, reduction of space eventually saves the cost of business as a whole.
• Efficient Transportation: The right packaging directly or indirectly reduces transportation costs. Products could move easily from the warehouse to the end-user. A steady flow of goods increases quality packaging which results in increased productivity.

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