Air Cargo Tariff Rate

The Air Cargo Tariff and Rules provides professionals with the comprehensive information on how to efficiently transport air cargo worldwide. The maximum single piece weight for such cargo is 158 kgs. You may access all the rules and regulations of Air Cargo Tariff and Rules (TACT) with your smartphone, mobile device or PC. The information is restructured monthly to make sure that you will be able to access the latest information. In this way, you could look up regulations or guidelines that concern your operations and shipments.
TACT includes the following rules and regulations:
• Industry, country and carrier rules
• Rules on the acceptance of goods and Air Waybill completion
• Charges on import, transit and export as well as country rules and regulations
• Airport and storage facilities as well as handling of equipment
• Airline, city and airport codes
• Information on e-freight and many more

Hence, air cargo is the fastest shipping method that is highly reliable. You may send your cargo almost anywhere. There is high level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage at such cargo. Also, there is less need for warehousing and packaging that saves the cost in the process.

Air Cargo Tariff

Cargo Rates

Please find the rates for cargo and live animal below. Please note that all fares are mentioned in Nepali currency unless otherwise stated.